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Welcome to the Official Site of Armageddon - Gang Wars, the new upcoming MOD from BullGames.

Since it's conception, in August 2002, Armageddon - Gang Wars as suffered a lot of changes during its production. First known as a SinglePlayer MOD, now AGW is based on Multiplayer DeathMatches that will fullfill the most bloody hearts.

Just not an ordinary DeathMatch MOD.

In AGW, you will be able to fight in cities full of scared people and cops, trying to stop the Gang Wars. You will have to face police-barricades, special units, and to destroy your rival gangs.

AGW, as the name indicates, is based on TeamPLay, however, it may be only played in Mano-a-mano fights, or simple DeathMatches where is all for all.

Armageddon2 - Strength beyond Strength, the sequel to this MOD, will be released first, so you may have fun while this pre-quel is not yet finished.

Possible release date: 1 - 03- 03


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Soon enough.